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Best Metal Detector for Beginners in 2019

The main distinguishing feature of such a device is the lack of complex settings and advanced functionality. The best metal detector for beginners is very popular among users. The entry-level devices help to understand whether you can be attracted by treasure hunting, or not. Also, you will be able to understand if this hobby is worth spending a lot of free time on it.

By decreasing the number of functions and modes, simplifying the control unit and the design the price of the best metal detector for beginners is reduced. It is possible to buy the best metal detector for beginners inexpensively without losing the quality of work. There is a big plus – you won’t feel sorry for the money you’ve spent if the search for artifacts appears boring to you. This happens quite often, especially if the results are not inspiring. In this case, the best beginner metal detector becomes a useful tool for cleaning the country site of iron debris.

Best Overall: Garrett ACE 300

Garrett ACE 300

Garret ACE 300 is the modern budget metal detector which possesses functions that were earlier present only in professional devices. You will be able to prove that this best beginner metal detector can do a lot. It contains the tuning and functional capabilities of a versatile detector with a business character. It is an updated version of the well-known Garrett Ace 250. All the innovations were collected from the wishes and comments of users, as well as substantiated by the requirements of modern metal detectors. Buy Garrett ACE 300 means to master the latest technical developments that will bring results in the search. An innovation in the Garrett ACE range is the ability to shift the frequency range to a small value. This allows you to stay away from interference and also avoid conflict with devices that operate at the same frequency of 8 kHz. VDI or Target ID allows you to determine the type of metal with more accuracy. The range of the digital identifier is between 1 and 99. Each discrimination sector has 8 Target ID values. It is necessary to consider this fact using discrimination of a metal detector. The coil comes equipped with collet clamps which fix the connections between its parts. This enables removing the backlash and unwanted fluctuations in the search. In addition, this best metal detector for beginners has a PinPoint feature used for the exact target determination.

  • Easy in use.
  • Possess numeric Target ID.
  • PinPoint Feature.
  • Affordable price.
  • An innovative model similar to professional metal detectors.
  • Excellent frequency.
  • Ability to shift the frequency.
  • Lightweight.
  • Not suitable for the search on a wet sand.

Best Lightweight: Fisher F22

Fisher F22

This best beginner metal detector operates on the principle of selective discrimination. Metals divide into nine segments, which correspond to the graphic scale on the screen. Each segment can be included in the search program or turned off. A set of included segments is called the Search Program. When a target hits the coil, the segment corresponding to its group appears highlighted on the screen, and the device gives a special sound signal as a response to the target. For black metal you will hear the low tone, for the find with non-ferrous metal, it will be higher. Another innovation of Fisher F22 is the use of only two lights, compact and affordable AA batteries for powering the detector. Low consumption became possible due to the use of new more energy-efficient radio-electronic elements in the detector circuit. On two alkaline batteries, the detector works up to 30 hours! Not all metal detectors by other manufacturers can boast of such battery life.

Based on beginner metal detector reviews, Fisher F22 scans the soil at a frequency of 7.69 kHz, using a 9-inch concentric coil. It is the world's first serial metal detector that has an ovoid-shaped coil. A scanning beam of this shape is more selective for nearby purposes and allows finding valuable objects even in heavily littered places.

  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Waterproof.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Adjustable sound signals.
  • 9-segment visual identification.
  • Ability to remember pre-set values.
  • 10 Levels of sensitivity.
  • Low operating frequency.

Best Budget: Tesoro Compadre

Tesoro Compadre

The metal detector Tesoro Compadre has several key features that make it unique and loved not only by beginners but by professionals as well. The main feature is the clarity in the definition of color goals, the absence of false positives where devices from other manufacturers will torture you with a cacophony of sounds. This best metal detector for beginners behaves quietly only until the coil hits a color target. Even if this target is extremely small, the device will detect it and will not let you miss it! Another feature, for which beginners and professionals appreciate it, is the opportunity to work in heavily littered places. Where most of the devices will blur, Tesoro will be perfectly calm in trying to find for you those goals that were pre-set by adjusting the scale of discrimination. People who tried to work with a metal detector on the foundations of houses, in cellars and attics or near existing settlements can tell how this device is productive and comfortable. The heaviest conditions are specially created for this best metal detector for beginners! And all this can be obtained for the best budget – a full-fledged device at the price of a coil!

  • Easy in use.
  • Excellent price.
  • Without false sound signals.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ideal even for children.
  • Universal.
  • Is not equipped with a screen.

Best Maneuverability: Teknetics Eurotek Pro

Teknetics Eurotek Pro

Teknetics Eurotek Pro is an advanced model in everything. The innovations touched every detail of this best metal detector for beginners including mechanical and electronic parts. At the same time, it remains easy to use and expands its potential to future owners. This modern metal detector should meet the growing needs of beginning treasure hunters as it creates excellent conditions for success. It is lightweight and is developed of durable materials – special plastic and aluminum. It means that this device is long lasting and even the first acquaintance with it is enough to understand that the principle of excessive reliability is the main for its manufacturers. Special bending of the upper coil is not accidental and is a result of years of testing. The reel of Teknetics Eurotek Pro is completely sealed, which means that now you can look for coins not only in the fields and forests, but you can examine roadside grooves, puddles, and get the opportunity to become a beach treasure seeker, exploring the shallow coastal zone. So, if you are looking for the reliable model of your first metal detector, pay attention to this item.

  • Maneuverable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable in use.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Can be used on the beach.
  • Affordable price.
  • Not adjustable ground balance.

The Best Metal Detector for Beginners. Final Advice

Now, after we reviewed four top-rated metal detectors for beginners available on the market today, it’s high time to speak a bit more about the winner in this nomination. Based on numerous customer feedbacks and thanks to various useful features inbuilt, Garret ACE 300 is on the leading position. It is the best beginner metal detector as the Garret company engineers have invested all their efforts to present an ideal model at the best affordable price. This model is different from the previous ACE version and has the improved capabilities. The first thing that catches the eye of users is the digital identifier of the target. It has a scale range from 0 to 99 and determines the type of the target higher than the cursor of the identifier. Due to its high functionality, the best metal detector for the beginners can be successfully used even by professional treasure hunters. A new fast signal processing process, automatic ground balance, easy control, dynamic and static search mode made the model extremely in demand among the beginners in this area. So, if you want to change your lifestyle a bit and get a new profitable hobby, choose Garret ACE 300 as the best metal detector for the beginners today.